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Final selection available.

Versión castellana.


The 3rd Visual Music Exhibition for Digital Dome has a main objective to promote, through artistic creation, the values of the universal culture for the development of attitudes that stimulate the artistic research, scientific and technology, as well as their understanding and responsible uses.

The international call received 41 proposals, the final selection was made from a technical review and carried out to verify the terms of the call.

The works received come from the following countries: Germany, Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Spain, France, England, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Mexico, Norway and Ukraine.

Digital Dome of Parque Chapultepec.

November 4 2017, 13:00h.

Raquel Martínez presents:


Nisban Alonso presents:

Carmen en Cosmos

Diana Reichenbach presents:

Infinite Horizons

Nina Mikulska presents:


Alejandro Casales presents:

Casa de las flores

Carlos Becerril presents:

Beautiful Agony-Rings

Dave Payling presents:

Neon Vibration

Joao Pedro Oliveira presents:

Et ignis involvens

 Download the complete program, PDF format.


The festival will be held in the Digital Dome of Chapultepec Park, with the following location:

Parque Urbano Chapultepec.
Bajada de Chapultepec 27, C.P. 62450
Cuernavaca, Morelos, México.

General admission to the park $10 pesos.
Digital Dome $10 pesos.
Discounts for INSEN, INAPAM and childs under 3 years in admission to the park.


Thanks to the generosity of: